Racey start for Michelle

Michelle Taylor Michelle Taylor goes it alone

The former head of design for Playboy Intimates has decided to move back to her roots up north to develop her own line of designer lingerie.

Michelle Taylor, a graduate in Fashion Marketing from Northumbria University, decided to set up a freelance design business in April this year after she was told by a leading lingerie buyer that her designs were strong enough to create her own brand.

Michelle has set up two companies, Design By Bluebird and Tallulah Love. Design By Bluebird is a product development consultancy working with people across the world. Michelle's dream company, Tallulah Love, features her own line of lingerie.

Michelle, who also recently won the If we can you can challenge which was organised by the Entrepreneurs' Forum, said: "My business has completely taken over my life! I live and breathe what I do and the fact that I can make a living from my passion for designing lingerie is a magical feeling.

"Starting out has been challenging in terms of cash flow as I've gone from a good wage at Playboy to scrimping by, but I've had support from local government, The Entrepreneurs Forum and Northumbria University's Enterprise Campus."

As well as succeeding in her businesses, one of Michelle's long term goals is to provide inspiration to other creative entrepreneurs in the region encouraging them to move towards their dreams and to realise that they can set up successful businesses in the North East.

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Reader’s comments

  1. Nicola Banks

    12:22 19 Nov 2008

    Good for you Michelle, you're infectious, bubbly, talented and focussed ... go girl!

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