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North East TV company helps 21st century daters find love

Published 8 Aug 2008
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A television dating programme developed by a North East production company is putting a new twist on an old favourite idea.

Loveland, created by Newcastle-based Standing Stone Productions, will see showbiz legend Cilla Black reclaim her dating crown and help singles find love thanks to the use of modern animation technology.

The show's central premise allows the contestants to "hide" behind their animated alter ego and answer questions under the guise of their virtual persona.Once someone is picked the couple meet for real - and have to face the prospect of whether or not their relationship can survive in the real world.

Cilla Black said: "Loveland captivated me with its modern-day twist on the dating format, bringing something new and exciting to the genre. Standing Stone's unique animation may help couples find love - and me the perfect hat!"

Standing Stone Productions is led by Tom Gutteridge, whose previous successes include Robot Wars and Challenge Anneka and who was formerly CEO of American Idol producer FremantleMedia North America.

Auditions for the show, a ten part series to be shown on Sky 1, will take place in Newcastle on 2 and 3 September.

Anyone aged between 18 and 45 with a sense of fun is eligible, with further information and an application form available by emailing love or by ringing 0208 144 2600.

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