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Creatives wanted to aid Northumberland schools

Published 21 Aug 2008
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Schools across Northumberland are appealing for individuals and organisations to help them find their creative spark, as part of a new initiative from Creative Partnerships.

47 schools across the region are looking to contract experienced creative practitioners to assist them in the successful completion of two new Creative Partnership programmes, each designed to develop the skills of young people and inject more creativity into the curriculum.

Depending on the school's particular project, the work could amount to anything between one day and several months work across the school year from September 2008 to summer 2009. Each Creative Practitioner will be contracted by the school involved and will be paid accordingly.

Sarah Burn of Creative Partnerships Northumberland, said: "We believe that creativity is about taking an innovative and imaginative approach to problem solving and is not something which is restricted solely to the arts.

"As such, we are looking for the representatives from all manner of creative industries, from education and science, to engineering, design and the environment, to help steer these schools in their development programmes.

"All we ask is that our practitioners are creative in their everyday personal and work life and are enthusiastic about sharing their experiences with the region's young people."

The 47 schools involved in the Change and Enquiry programmes will be asked to choose their own creative practitioners from all of those expressing an interest and will then contact that individual or organisation directly.

For more information or to express an interest email info.northumberland.

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