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Cameras roll on young entrepreneurs

Published 14 Aug 2008
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Winners of ‘If we can, you can' challenge, a North East search for new faces of entrepreneurship launched by the Entrepreneurs' Forum, are teaming up with a local entrepreneur and documentary maker to film their journeys in the business world.

‘If we can you can' challenge winners Michelle Taylor of Michelle Taylor Design and Matt Scott of MES Footwear are to star in a documentary about their lives as entrepreneurs after they were approached by media production graduate Ken Fryer through the campaign website.

Ken plans to make a documentary with the help of Newcastle-based Twenty First Century Media on the rising entrepreneurial stars in the region. Sunderland graduate Ken said: "I am extremely excited to be making a documentary with two other relatively new entrepreneurs Michelle and Matt. I hope it will not only open doors for us but act as a catalyst for others to make their dreams a reality. The ‘If we can, you can' website brings together a whole new entrepreneurial online community and I hope the documentary does this too."

The documentary will see former Playboy head of design Michelle continue her journey through the fashion world designing lingerie, while Matt will build on the success of his customised trainers - with former Eurythmics member Dave Stewart having already commissioned a pair.

Carole Beverley, chief executive of the Entrepreneurs' Forum said: "The documentary will give a real insight into the steps you need to take to turn an idea into a business reality.

"I am delighted the entrepreneurs have agreed to document on screen what goes on behind the scenes of their businesses with the aim of encouraging others to take the plunge into the business world."

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