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bgroup targeting European expansion with new office openings

Published 11 Sep 2008
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North East creative agency bgroup is planning a European invasion after opening one new office on the continent and putting plans in place to open another by the end of 2008.

The Newcastle-based bdaily creators, who already have a second office in London's Covent Garden, have established a presence in the Dutch city of Maastricht. The company is also looking to open a third office in the German capital Berlin before the end of the year.

bgroup already works with a number of European organisations including the European Commission and Future Europe, as well as a number of small private clients.

Managing director Siobhan Bales has also recently completed a two-year stint as the UK's representative on an EU panel which examined the most effective methods of communicating entrepreneurship across Europe.

Siobhan said: "The particular strengths that we have in areas such as entrepreneurship, health and communicating with young people align extremely well with the aims of many pan-European projects, and it made a great deal of commercial sense for us to establish a presence on the ground.

"Different European countries are at different stages of evolution in areas such as encouraging entrepreneurship, and they are often less sophisticated than we are in the UK, so the experience we have of working with clients from the beginning to the end of relevant campaigns will prove extremely valuable to organisations looking to achieve the same sort of goals."

bgroup's new Maastricht office has been established with the support of The British Embassy and The British Council in Holland, as well as with the international team at HSBC.

Siobhan Bales said: "We are already actively pursuing a range of European opportunities and believe that we will quickly begin to secure commercial returns from our continental investments. Establishing a presence in continental Europe is an important milestone for us, and it opens up an exciting new chapter in the business's continuing development."

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Reader’s comments

  1. I wish you the best of luck with the expansion.

  2. Well done with Europe! Our company has just joined forces with an International Communications company specialised in Dutch and German markets, so we can cover most European languages, now! We will be very pleased to offer you 10% discount on all translations, website localisations, info on foreign markets and all language marketing strategy.

    We also publish a booklet on Doing Business in the Netherlands, written by Dutch communications specialist and entrepreneur Nicole Kofkin.
    Please visit or contact me.


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