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Agency cooks up new look for bakery

Published 21 Aug 2008
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A northern bakery has enlisted the help of a Newcastle-based design agency to give it a new contemporary image. North East Bakery, which recently acquired the Milligans chain, will rebrand the 14 stores as Nichols, giving them a fresh, modern look. Agency Somethinkelse has created a new brand identity and store design for the Nichols name.

Greg Phillips, managing director at Nichols, said: "We have already re-branded our first store; this proved so successful we managed to double its turnover in the first week. We are now excited to roll this out throughout the rest of the stores over the next year.

"It was important to get the right balance between the traditional bakery and modern food outlet, finding a brand the North East would be proud of. Somethinkelse have helped us achieve this."

Steve Darke, ideas director at Somethinkelse, said: "Nichols is a quality brand, which will deliver traditionally crafted products, but from a fresh, modern store. We wanted to create a sophisticated look that would differentiate Nichols from its competitors. We feel we have really achieved this, creating a strong brand image that positions Nichols as the premium bakery it is."

Somethinkelse designed Nichols' new logo, the store fascias and signage, and designed the interior and bespoke fittings.

Paul Scott, creative director at Somethinkelse, said: "We created some contemporary lifestyle photography to showcase the food then displayed them in traditional gold deco frames to create the in store art gallery. The originality really sets Nichols apart on the high street and distinguishes them as a quality brand."

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