Local firm accelerates to meet global demand

John Aitchison, Sales Director at ComeSys Ltd, with a prototype of the new dashboard system John Aitchison, Sales Director at ComeSys Ltd, with a prototype of the new dashboard system

A North East firm which has become a major automotive supplier in Europe, India and the USA, has taken another step towards evolving the design of motorised vehicles.

ComeSys Europe Ltd already designs, makes and distributes state-of-the-art systems which almost every vehicle must now implement in place of old-style accelerators.

Old-style accelerators use a mechanical pedal and cable to control the fuel pump feeding the engine. ComeSys products, which work with electronically controlled engines, electric or hybrid vehicles, replace this system with a sensor in the pedal which transmits the precise pedal position information to the vehicle controller, producing maximum efficiency.

John Aitchison, Sales Director at ComeSys Ltd, said: "Consistency and durability have been the main challenge in developing the new sensors, but ours are ultra-reliable and robust, and the advanced technology which is implemented to power the accelerators has the potential to improve the way in which other vehicle components operate, further reducing fuel consumption and ultimately emissions."

The company employs 13 people at its Cramlington headquarters and has recently begun work on these developments with assistance from the Designing Demand programme, delivered regionally by the North East Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) and Entrust.

John Aitchison says: "We have designed this with invaluable assistance from Designing Demand. It is currently in prototype, and we anticipate it being used in thousands of vehicles by 2015 as further emission-reducing legislation is introduced around the world. This will allow us to grow the business five-fold and more than double our current 1.5m turnover next year."

Paul McEldon, Chief Executive at the North East BIC, said: "ComeSys are a perfect example of a modern manufacturing company, and their success serves as evidence that the North East region can still provide a globally competitive manufacturing base when innovative techniques are employed and well-designed products are the end result."

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