Less road use in crunch time

Small businesses are cutting down on face-to-face meetings in a bid to reduce costs as a result of the credit crunch, according to a survey by Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

The company's small business thermometer suggests rising fuel costs are impacting on the amount of time businesses spend on the road.

According to the poll, 23% of small firms have cut spending as a direct result of increased fuel costs and 26% say they now travel to see key clients once a month or less.

"The rising cost of fuel has been a major concern for most businesses in the UK for some time, but we're now seeing a definite impact on the bedrock of British business: the small firms sector," said Rob Ingram, director of business development at Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

According to Enterprise, small businesses should look at long-term solutions such as effective journey-planning and the use of more efficient vehicles. No doubt Enterprise have many efficient vehicles for such businesses to use.

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