Buses are getting better campaign launched

A new advertising campaign has been launched to promote the benefits of bus travel, as commuters look for cheaper alternative to the car during the credit crunch.

Nexus and operators in Tyne and Wear are working together to promote bus travel - and dispel many of the myths that might put people off bus travel.

The Buses Are Getting Better campaign is using several points to convey its message:

  • £26 million has been invested by bus companies in new vehicles for Tyne and Wear in the last two years alone
  • Four out of five buses are low-floored ‘easy access' vehicles - easy for everyone to get on to
  • 70% of buses in Tyne and Wear have cctv to improve safety and security

Future elements of the campaign will focus on how buses are convenient for busy modern lives and how much better for the environment they are.

Andy Bairstow, Nexus Commercial Director, said: "As petrol prices and family bills rocket, people have gone from saying ‘I'd never catch a bus' to asking ‘what's out there for me?' We want to show them buses are getting better and that for many journeys offer quality, convenience and value for money that beats the car."

John Conroy, Managing Director of Stagecoach North East, said on behalf of local operators: "Bus operators have carried out significant investment into bus networks over recent years so that passengers can choose to travel in comfortable and environmentally-friendly vehicles.

"As more people choose bus travel as a simple, cost effective and sustainable alternative way to get around, operators are prepared and committed to responding and adapting to ensure that services continue to improve and deliver."

The campaign will use newspaper adverts and poster sites across Tyne and Wear to get the message across.

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Reader’s comments

  1. Mr W

    7:49 14 Oct 2008

    I was on a bus last night and there were used tickets all over the floor, kids with their feet on the seats, people using their mobile phones as stereos.

    They should bring back the clippies, then people would feel safer travelling by bus and it would be cleaner too.

  2. Christopher

    9:50 14 Oct 2008

    I usualy get the bus to work, and almost everywhere else for that matter. And i have to say the service has improved massively over the last 5 years or so. It works out cheaper and in rush hour trafic its just as fast if not faster getting me to work than using the car.

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