Pink bunny missing in Newcastle

A North East burlesque cabaret group are asking for the public's help to locate their lost pink bunny.

Club Boudoir, whose dancers perform in shows and workshops across the UK, are appealing for help in locating one of their prized costumes, which hasn't been seen since the Easter Weekend.

The pink bunny girl outfit, which pays homage to those worn by the Playboy Bunnies of the 1960s, was hand-made to fit Club Boudoir Director Sarah Miller and belongs to a set of three vintage costumes created specifically for the company by costume designer Paul Shriek.

It was last seen during Club Boudoir's performance at As You Like It in Jesmond on 21 March (Good Friday) and Sarah is becoming increasingly concerned for her bunny's welfare...

"This costume is very special to me," she said. "It was custom-fit and forms part of a vintage set which we use in our live performances across the UK. Obviously I haven't seen my bunny now for more than seven months and I hope that wherever the outfit has ended up someone will be kind enough to get in touch. We are offering a reward for its safe return."

Anyone who has information about the bunny costume's whereabouts is asked to contact Club Boudoir via the website Individuals responsible for the costume's safe return will be rewarded with a free burlesque workshop from Club Boudoir.


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