Applications invited for Sir Gerry TV series

If your business isn't doing as well as it should be, you might want to consider applying to feature in a new TV series.

Renowned business guru and troubleshooter Sir Gerry Robinson will feature in the new series as he tries to turn around struggling businesses. In a twist on the usual theme, as well as bestowing his business know-how, he will be investing his own money in the company.

During his time in business, Sir Gerry has been Chairman of Allied Domecq and Chief Executive of Granada. He transformed Granada through various mergers and takeovers, including an acrimonious battle for Forte Hotels, where he wrested control of the company from the founding Forte family.

Sir Gerry has already made several series focusing on different areas of the business world. In the Troubleshooter-style series, "I'll Show them Who's Boss" he attempted to turn around failing family businesses. More recently he tried to transform the struggling Rotherham General Hospital in, "Can Gerry Robinson Fix the NHS?".

To qualify as an applicant, your business needs to be a privately-owned firm, operating in the construction, leisure, hospitality or manufacturing industries, have an annual turnover of at least £500,000, and currently going through a tough time.

If your company fits the bill, and you'd like to find out more about the series and the application process, you should email tessa.

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