Arts Council Organisational Review

The full Arts Council statement outling their hopes for the regional arts scene

“The new Arts Council structure continues to have a strong regional focus with an office in Newcastle upon Tyne. The new structure allows for much more external focus, with specialist Relationship Managers advising artists and developing opportunities across the region.

“The new structure allows the sharing of resources and knowledge more flexibly across the organisation and simplifies processes – for example, a centralised Grants for the arts process based in the support services centre in Manchester.

“Staff in the regions will be focused on customer-facing activities, head office is streamlined and the smaller executive board will be more strategic and able to make faster decisions. These changes will positively impact upon regional artists.

“The changes will meet the government’s requirement that the Arts Council saves 15 per cent on its grant in aid administration costs by 2010. The Arts Council decided that it should also find equivalent savings on its National Lottery administration costs, making a total saving of £6.5 million a year.

“Implementation of the changes are underway and the new structure will be in place by April 2010.

“The recruitment process is underway to appoint the Executive Director, North. This role represents the whole of the north of England. The north east will be firmly represented at Executive Board through this post.”

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