Concrete evidence of Gateshead’s past

Demolition of the iconic multi-story in Gateshead began in July

PIECES of an iconic Tyneside car park, made famous in the 1970s film Get Carter, have gone on sale to fans.

Demolition of the multi-storey car park at Trinity Square in Gateshead began in July last year as part of a multimillion-pound redevelopment.

Now commemorative pieces of concrete in specially decorated tins are on sale.

Gateshead Council said it carried out research into demand for the souvenirs before going ahead with the project. Each tin costs £5.

The 1960s car park became a landmark on the Gateshead skyline and some film fans and enthusiasts of the Brutalist architecture hoped it would be saved.

Each piece of the car park, which opened in 1969, includes a certificate signed by its architect Owen Luder.

The car park was used for a number of memorable scenes in the 1971 gangster film Get Carter, including one where star Michael Caine, as Jack Carter, throws Cliff Brumby, played by Bryan Mosley, off the top of the car park.

The car park is part of a site where a £150m redevelopment including shops, offices, a student village and supermarket is taking place.

Anybody wishing to purchase the memorabilia can do so at

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