Theatre to auction off pieces of history

Newcastle Theatre Royal is to auction off seats

NEWCASTLE’S Theatre Royal is to auction off seats, curtains, drapes, brass fittings, lights, coal scuttles and chandeliers ahead of a summer of restoration. 

A total of 445 auditorium seats will be up for grabs, as well as 11 celebrity seats – carrying the names of such greats as Sir Ian McKellen, Kenneth Brannagh and Ridley Scott.

The theatre is set to undergo a £4.75m restoration between March and September this year in readiness for its 175th birthday in 2012. 

This 2011 restoration will look to recreate an Edwardian-style auditorium design and also introduce modern amenities and improve energy efficiency.

The auction will sell-off all the interior elements that aren’t authentic to this scheme and make way for new seating at all levels as well as new lighting and ventilation, fabrics, carpets, paintwork and extensive gold-leaf work.

The auction will take place on Sunday 6 March and doors will open at 1pm for bidders to register and browse the lots. Bidding will begin at 2pm with the help of local auction house Anderson & Garland.

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