International print festival comes to the North East

Newcastle played host to the UK’s only major printmaking event this weekend, with support from local and national businesses.

International artists travelled to Newcastle’s Hatton Gallery as the winner of Northern Print’s International Print Biennale was announced.

Polish artist Marta Lech was awarded the Clifford Chance Purchase Prize, and will now have her art displayed in the firms offices in London.

Northern Print decided to set up the event to draw attention to international contemporary printmaking. Speaking ahead of the event Anna Wilkinson, director of Northern Print, said: “We’re not doing an event that is the North East’s version of something in London - this is unique to the region.

“We have people traveling in from all over the world to attend, and I think it’s important that this takes place in the region, where we have such a strong tradition of printmaking.

“We’ve also managed to get a great balance between of support from national and local businesses.”

This year’s event has been supported by the likes of Mosedale Gillatt Architects and Newcastle design company Sumo.

Some of the artwork will now be displayed across several North East venues throughout October.

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