Recession widening North-South divide

The recession has hit those `who work in low skilled jobs the hardest, and has widened the North-South divide

 The Financial Times reports that this news should force the government to rebalance the economy by encouraging growth outside southeast England.

Greg Clark, the decentralization minister, has now been given the added role of minister for cities, and spent the day in Leeds at the Economic Futures Commission, which will look at ways to boost growth.

The results show that the recession has affected men more than women, although women are now also suffering because of cuts to public services.

There is now a worry that the north-south divide will be exaggerated in light on the weak economic growth and widespread public sector cuts.

John Philpott, of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development believes that the longer-term problem comes from the shrinking of mid-skilled jobs, like secretaries and fitters, while opportunities arose at the top and bottom of the market.

Brendan Barber, general secretary of the Trades Union Congress, said: “Regional labor markets went into decline well before the recession started and it will take time and sustained investment just to get areas of northern England back to their pre-recession position.


“The government’s current regional funding proposals fall well short of meeting this challenge.”

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