Summer stress for employees left behind

If you’re heading off on holiday this weekend, spare a thought for colleagues left behind in the office, as statistics show that the coming weeks are set to be some of the most stressful of the year.

25 percent of workers in the North East suffer from increased stress while their colleagues are on holiday, and the only thing more stressful than covering annual leave was the prospect of redundancy.

Russ Piper, Chief Executive of Sovereign Health Care, who commissioned the research said: “This time of year is naturally more hectic with parents preparing for the schools breaking up and juggling childcare, and businesses having to manage the increasing number if people taking leave.

“Therefore its even more important that employers step up the well-being support they provide for employees to try and help ease some of the additional burden.”

Employers are now urged to address the problems linked to stress, especially after the survey also showed that 63% of employees believe that their employer is providing minimal or less than the legal requirement of support.

Russ added: “Providing cost effective wellbeing support to your employees could well be the best investment you make this year, especially as almost half of the people questioned said they would leave their present employer in return for a better benefits package – even if the salary remained the same.”

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