Woman sat exam in wedding dress

A Romanian woman surprised officials when she turned up in her wedding dress to sit an exam to become a firefighter. 25-year-old Alina Modoran told the exam organisers she was coming directly from church, and she did not want to change dress because she was superstitious.

Alina said: "We just couldn't postpone the wedding as we fixed the date a year in advance. So I came in my wedding dress because the priest told me not to take it off all day because it brings bad luck."

Groom Ion Ovidiu Modoran and his best man accompanied the bride to the fire service headquarters saying the wedding could continue after the exam.

Head of the local firefighters unit, Ion Vintila, said he was shocked at first and had to check the legislation to see if any rules had been broken. He said: "The legislation says all candidates should wear a decent outfit at the exam and I thought her dress was not in contradiction with this."

Unfortunately, Alina failed her exam.

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