Google evidence implicates Peston

The BBC's Robert Peston Potential financial crisis cause Robert Peston

The BBC's Business Editor Robert Peston probably views the recession as a double-edged sword - he's getting great exposure, but he's also working nearly every day.

While his calm voice and knowledgeable demeanour do put us at ease, we have recently started to get slightly suspicious about the timing of his rise to fame. Our hunch was confirmed when our friends in the digital team at bgroup pointed out the research they had conducted using Google Trends.

The techies compared the use of the word 'recession' with the use of the word 'peston' over the last few years. As seen in this graph, the increase in occurrences of ‘Peston' in Google searches over the last month comes just before the increase in occurrences of ‘recession'.

It's clear to all of us at bdaily that Robert Peston must have instigated the economic crisis to raise his own profile. There's no other explanation.

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Reader’s comments

  1. oli - b group

    16:16 14 Nov 2008

    A better graph might be this one:

    Note how the recession talk all started once Peston was on the scene!

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