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Bride's 5p dress

Published 3 Sep 2008
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A Teesside bride got married in a stunning antique lace wedding dress - that cost her just 5p on eBay.

Heather Saint, 20, from Billingham, said: "It is gorgeous and I was proud to tell everyone at the wedding how much it cost. You should have heard me squeal with excitement when I opened the parcel and saw how perfect it was."

The Woolies checkout girl, just back from honeymoon in the Lake District with husband Mark, 24, added: "My dress was worth every penny. There was a £40 postage charge but the dress itself was 5p."

It helped the couple, who have a 19- month-old daughter called Emily, keep down the cost of their wedding to a modest £3,500. They made their own invitations and turned up at church in a VW Beetle, while their bridesmaids got there in a camper van.

Heather added: "We were careful about the cost, but we had absolutely everything we wanted."

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