> Breaking News in The World of Interior Design from the bteam.

bmarketing is launching its own gallery in its georgian offices in Charlotte Square. We are pledging to display work by local artists of all mediums and all the pieces featured are available for sale.

The first to be featured is local artist and photographer Jim Kearney. Jim specialises in landscapes in watercolours and utilises the free flowing feel of the medium which allows him to capture the mood of the scene on canvass. Most of his work is of local landscapes, but there are also pieces painted in Scotland and the lake District where his love of walking often takes him. Jim has already had two very successful exhibitions this year at Tynemouth and the Arts Centre Washington, and has plans for exhibitions in Morpeth and Melrose in the Borders later this year. His work can be viewed at www.the-image-gallery.com, or alternatively drop by Charlotte Square for a first person viewing.

All work copyright Jim Kearney.