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Manufacturing task force for the North East

Date 7 Sep 2007

Special industry task groups will be set up to ensure North East manufacturing gets the right kind of support in the face of increasing competition. Regional manufacturers have been invited to the launch event, Modernising Manufacturing: a strategy for the future, on September 19 at Nissan Manufacturing UK (NMUK) where they will hear from some of the region's leading companies and kick-start a six month programme of consultation.

Attended by Alan Clarke, Chief Executive of One NorthEast, the task groups will consider the issues of product and process development, energy and the environment and long term and global competitiveness; before presenting their recommendations to policy makers and invited government ministers in February 2008.

Aimed at defining the needs and support measures required to assist regional manufacturing, Modernising Manufacturing will draw on examples of best practice from multinationals such as Procter & Gamble and Nissan, as well as SMEs in the modern manufacturing environment.

Gordon Ollivere MBE, managing director of RTC North, who are organising the event, said: "The North East has an excellent tradition of excellence in Manufacturing, which still accounts for 25% of the regional economy. This event is about responding to global competition and keeping our companies ahead of the competition."

The Chief Executive of One NorthEast, Alan Clarke, said: "One NorthEast is working with partners to ensure the region continues to compete globally in the field of high-specification manufacturing. Manufacturing has for generations provided the foundation for the regional economy. It is a sector that employs about 150,000 people in the North East, which amounts to nearly 14% of the regional workforce."

For more information on the launch event, contact Sarah McNaughton at sarah.mcnaughton or visit

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