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Fare dodgers named and shamed

Date 12 Jan 2007
Author The Editor

Metro operator Nexus has announced that it prosecuted 293 people throughout December for fare evasion, netting fines and costs totalling £40,000. The 293, from across Tyneside and Wearside, now have a criminal record and must pay much stiffer fines of up to £500. In addition, their names have been added to ‘name and shame’ posters displayed prominently on the Metro system.

During December there were additional police patrols on Metro, with officers able to issue penalty fare notices, while Nexus carried out regular ticket inspections at stations and on board trains.

Metro Director, Mick Carbro, said: “Ticket fraud on Metro is low and we intend to keep it that way during 2007 by maintaining our stringent routine of ticket inspections throughout the system. “There’s really no hiding place for fare evaders and the best thing for them to do is save themselves a bit of money and buy a ticket, which is much more affordable than paying off a court fine.”

Nexus say that its new approach to tackling fare dodging on the Metro has driven a million fraudsters off the system over the last 12 months. Ticket inspectors are now able to issue penalty fares at the touch of a button using handheld computers, which allow the inspectors to check addresses, signatures and the previous record of fare cheats on the spot.

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