New online legal service launched

A new online legal support service is being launched this evening to provide subscribers with information to help them expand their knowledge of legal business and commercial issues. Matthew Rippon developed the idea of Particular.Pro at Boho, the digital and creative hub of the Tees Valley, and alongside his business partner…

Should we plan for the worst?

Last week, bdaily posed the following question to readers; Does your business strategic plan include a provision which outlines what happens to the business in the event of your death? 50% of respondents hadn’t considered a so-called “company will”. 33.3% of respondents already have plans in place which outline what will happen to…

Former factory given creative lease of life

It was once where sweets were made, now it will be a £6 million hub for creative industries at the mouth of Newcastle’s Ouseburn Valley. Bdaily was given a guided tour of the Toffee Factory, where Maynards produced Toffee from 1906, and later winegums.  The venture has been lead by development company…

Newcastle design company celebrate second investment

A Newcastle based design company is celebrating after securing its second round of investment to help grow their business Deadgood was established by Northumbria graduates Dan Ziglam and Elliot Brook in 2004 and now the Finance For Business North East Angel Fund are investing in their brand. Both studied 3D design at…

Executive pay deals should not be politicized, say IoD

The Director General of the Institute of Directors has responded to Vince Cable’s speech at the Liberal Democrat Party Conference. Miles Templeman welcomed changes to the planning regime but called on the Business Secretary to use his position to promote competition in UK business, rather than dwelling on executive pay. This afternoon…

Government discusses £5b economic boost

Last night ministers were considering how to inject up to £5 billion back into the economy without abandoning their current economic plans. The BBC reports that the government is now facing up to calls for Plan B on the economy due to slow growth and high unemployment levels. This change represents a…

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The Bdaily Poll

How much time do you believe most organisations could gain by more efficient and effective use of information?

In less than one generation, our use of IT systems for business has brought massive improvements in the way we go about our business. It has opened up ways to work that weren’t imaginable 20, 10 or even 5 years ago. Twitter for example is only a couple of years old. 

This phenomenal change has itself brought other issues into play. People’s ability to handle that information becomes very important. 

Find out about how an organisation can improve its handling of information.

How much time do you believe most organisations could gain by more efficient and effective use of information within their organisation?