Middlesbrough entrepreneurs pioneer new market research tool

An innovative new market research tool is being pioneered in the region by two Middlesbrough based entrepreneurs. Business lecturer Daniel Kolodziej, and technology expert, Tom Howsam decided to set up Pollme earlier this year after discovering they shared a similar idea of a unique feedback product Using smartphone technology, Pollme allows customers to give instant…

Small business confidence growing

Small businesses are feeling more confident than six months ago despite the global economic downturn, according to new research. The Sage Business Index showed that almost 70 percent of small business have held steady or grown over the period, but over half still feel constrained by government red tape. Now British businesses…

Online legal service launches

On Tuesday night bdaily went down to Cargo Fleet, Middlesbrough to witness the launch of Particular.Pro, a new online legal support service has been launched which provides subscribers with information to help them expand their knowledge of legal business and commercial issues. The first play of their launch video was followed by…

More attention needs to be paid to money laundering, say KPMG

Senior company board members are not paying enough attention to anti money laundering (AML) practices, a recent survey shows. The KPMG Global AML survey 2011 revealed a 9% drop in boards considering AML to be high profile issue. A growing range of priorities has put a squeeze on consideration of AML, as have operational costs…

Funding to help start-ups get online announced

BT is helping North East start-ups gain access to latest Internet technologies thanks to a new finance scheme. The ‘KickStart Scheme’ gives businesses in the region the chance to lease up to £15,000 worth of technology and telecommunications, without having to rely on bank loans, overdrafts or credit cards. It is now…

Tipster: Is an elephant really an elephant?

As part of a new feature bdaily will provide regular quick tips that have been contributed by businesses. Today, David Gibson from Crutes Law Firm, a regular contributor, enlightens us on the following topic: Is an elephant really an elephant? In the interesting case of Autoclenz Ltd v Belcher, the Supreme Court…

Debt crisis needs urgent action, says PM

Urgent action is needed to tackle the debt in the eurozone according to Prime Minister David Cameron. The BBC reports that Mr Cameron has called on European leaders to find a “fundamental and lasting solution” to the current debt crisis. Mr Cameron admitted that “we’re not quite staring down the barrel”, but…

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The Bdaily Poll

How much time do you believe most organisations could gain by more efficient and effective use of information?

In less than one generation, our use of IT systems for business has brought massive improvements in the way we go about our business. It has opened up ways to work that weren’t imaginable 20, 10 or even 5 years ago. Twitter for example is only a couple of years old. 

This phenomenal change has itself brought other issues into play. People’s ability to handle that information becomes very important. 

Find out about how an organisation can improve its handling of information.

How much time do you believe most organisations could gain by more efficient and effective use of information within their organisation?