Brand Survival and the Brand Iceberg

Branding, is like an iceberg- it exists mostly below the surface. The visible brand messaging accounts for what we see above sea level. The invisible brand – the company culture, the customer experience – adds the mass below the surface. Your company doesn’t have to be the size of Coca-Cola or… More →

Simple SEO for Janet & John

Understanding and getting to grips with SEO can be a quite complex and lengthy procedure. One that generally involves your eyes glazing over and your heading nodding off uncontrollably as you get lost in a maze of techno-babble. Here is a simple short very basic SEO introduction for every Tom,… More →

Advertising and Design B.C. – Before Computers

When I first came into this business at the time when Kate Bush was warbling Wuthering Heights and Grease was the word, the marketing business was fairly simple. Advertising co-existed with Design under the same roof quite happily and designers and artist worked with a smile on their faces happily… More →

What’s the best time or day to send out an E-mailer?

A lot of regional businesses in the North East send out some form of monthly E-mailer, some professionally done, some simply self created. But is it all wasted? Timing is very important in E-Marketing and the perfect time is the $100 question that everyone has been trying to fathom out… More →

Networking Blunders

I bookmarked this great little post by author Mindy Selinger that I thought I would share, regarding Network Event blunders: Here are some of the blunders many make in the networking arena. In every activity there are people who will stretch the boundaries of polite behavior…and may be clueless as to… More →

E-Marketing planning tips for 2011 to help your business

What’s on your marketing plan for 2011? Most businesses have an idea of how important E-marketing (also called internet marketing) is, but many either don’t have a clear strategy or a concrete plan. Putting the time in to plan for activities that can produce results now will yield results for… More →

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    Your views on paternity measures

    New paternity leave rules have come into effect meaning that parents will be legally entitled to share time off work during their baby’s first year.

    Do you think the plan will be damaging to small businesses?