> bmarketing Taste IIP Success

Tuesday night saw bmarketing, alongside a further 15 organisations pick up the Investors in People Award. It was quite special seeing the real differences IIP had made on all the organisations who'd successfully been awarded IIP status.

The people who stood up to accept the award commented on some specific things that had really changed such as one organisation found the process of implementing IIP into their business made them become more structured and systemised, whilst another stated the whole process really helped them to recognise what impact their staff really had on the successes of their business.

From the b, we mentioned how by going through the whole process of IIP, which was immensely useful, we opened our business up for a type of scrutiny which tested our culture and people development, and how the final report confirmed that we are indeed Investors in our people which was great. The final report also flagged up areas for improvement and cautiousness, such as rapid growth, which we have taken on board.

Presenting the award was Kris Akabusi, Olympics medallist who also gave an interesting speech following the awards, which linked his experiences as an athlete to the ones we all have, or indeed may face in business. As Kris Akabusi said in his mad, motivational speech " IIP is about excellence. Getting the very best out of your people...Time stands still for no-one, but we are presented with opportunities every day, but its about tasting that success and achieving".