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Weight loss treatment launches in North East

Date 29 Oct 2007
Author The Editor

A new cosmetic treatment in the North East is offering help to those who have trouble sticking to diets or exercise.

Darlington based Collagenics UK has launched Mesotherapy, a medical non-surgical technique with the ability to tackle stubborn fatty areas of the body. The procedure uses natural products injected directly under the skin, dissolving and gradually breaking down the fatty cells before being expelled from the body via the usual metabolic process.

Mesotherapy is also capable of treating a range of conditions from skin rejuvenation to hair regrowth. The benefits associated with localised weight issues have boosted its appeal in more recent times.

Brian McCourt, Director of Collagenics UK, said: "Mesotherapy was first pioneered in France in the 1950s to treat sports injuries, although it has now evolved as a safe and versatile cosmetic process. It has a proven track record on the continent and in the USA and, as increasing numbers of people in this country turn to professional medical help when diets and exercise no longer work, it's sure to become as popular here too."

In their Weight Loss & Lip Clinics clinics dotted around the region, Collagenics is running Mesotherapy as part of a wider package of advice and recommended surgical and non-surgical treatments.

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