> Our Great North Runners

Earlier this week we asked all those who participated in Sunday's event to let us know what they made of the day. After a fantastic response, here are some brief snippets from the courageous individuals who took part. Here's what the runners had to say:

"Overall the run was a fantastic experience, but my legs tell me it's not one I'm likely to go through again for a while! The weather was good, the atmosphere superb, and the chance to run in a race this big, and raise money for charity was well worth the months of dragging myself out for a late-night run a couple of nights a week round the streets of Newcastle. Next time though, I think I'll take the Metro."
- Richard Endean, bmarketing

"Its all over, and for better or worse I survived. It was a beautiful day with perfect conditions to cruise through the land of Jimmy Nail. The absolute highlight was the sight of Jimmy Saville at the start - I thought it was an impersonator - I just couldn't believe that I had actually seen the legend that is Jimmy, in the flesh. The lowlight was ALL of the running, and the bleeding nipples. Ooch.

My time was 1hr 52mins, which Im quite pleased with. Everytime I felt like stopping I thought of all the sponsorship, and the fact that I owed it to people to do my very best. It really helped."
- Willian Davies


"Can we just say a big congratulations to our Graphic Designer Tony Pilkington who completed the Great North Run yesterday.

He only found out he was doing it about 10 days before hand (he got someone's number who dropped out), went on 2 training runs of 5 miles, then 9 miles, and decided that was enough preparation! It seemed to work, and he completed the course in a very impressive 2 hours 2 minutes.

He's having problems walking today but he did it and he raised a load of money for Alzheimer's Research on the way!

Well done Tony!"
- Julie Wilson, Gateshead College

"I would like to pay tribute to the Red Cross volunteers and other medical back-up staff who did such sterling work behind the scenes yesterday. I am an experienced runner (it was my 21st consecutive GNR) and on course for a good time, but had the misfortune to collapse like a sack of potatoes only 1/2 mile from the finish. I was taken away by ambulance with oxygen mask and saline drip etc. and looked after in the field hospital. The many people working on the course of the race and the field hospital were brilliant! I made a full recovery ... eventually"
- Oisin MacNamara, Northumbria University

Thanks to all of you for submitting your experiences and congratulations on participating in such a tremendous event.