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giantminds-youth is a creative challenge to promote 'can-do' and confidence in the 11-16 age range. The challenge is formatted in a practical three-stage competition, in which students think differently to find practical answers to some of today's problems. In the process of learning how to harness their creative skills and generate ideas, they develop key business and life skills, learn about teamwork, and adopt creative approaches to problem solving and finally discover the power to generate creative solutions to business and social questions.

  • giantminds-youth adopts the belief that thinking skills and imagination are not the province of the academically gifted and giantminds fills this gap.
  • This approach is further demonstrated by our partnership with Galaxy Radio who have been commissioned to run fun and easy to understand creative challenges on air with connections to the Galaxy website.
  • giantminds-youth challenge is both funded by and supported by a variety of private and public sector organisations. These include Procter and Gamble, The NGI, Galaxy Radio and Gateshead Council.

This year's challenge is a combination of private and public sector innovators who have joined together to 'inspire, stimulate and push the creative buttons of all school students regardless of aptitude in the 11-16 age bracket.


Giant Minds has the potential to impact on the Schools' agenda in a variety of ways:

  • Contribute to making school more interesting (OECD report October 2002)
  • Encourage young people to be more creative, to generate more ideas, and apply these traits in practical ways.
  • Engage a variety of public and private sector organisations and celebrate the creativity of today's students.
  • Encourage a greater number of young people with the confidence and capabilities to celebrate the art of the possible and instill a can-do confidence.
  • Promote co-operation and collaboration between education and innovators from the private sector and encourage the wider community to appreciate and value the role of ideas generation, imagination, confidence, inclusiveness and creativity in society.

2002-2003 HIGHLIGHTS

  • 44 N.East schools -2,300 students 11-16 year's old.
  • All LEA's covered schools from: Lindisfarne, Tees Valley, Durham Newcastle and Gateshead.
  • All school disciplines represented: Business, Science, Art, Learning and Design.
  • Sign up from schools regardless of league table placing.
  • All inclusive - A Galaxy Radio "creative challenges" campaign attracted hundreds of non-school sign ups.


Brian Edwards, Chair Assoc of Chief Education Officers, has endorsed giantminds youth in the following way: "Here in the North East we are passionate about the importance of creativity to individual and regional development" "This has to start with our young people in schools and youth clubs. It is important to persuade young people to think differently to attain greater confidence.' I endorse the giantminds-youth challenge and everything it stands for"


If you would like to participate in the giantminds-youth challenge or simply find out more about the this year's challenge and events, check out the web site www.giantminds.co.uk or get in touch through mail.

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