Thursday 7 April 2005

North East Enterprise Expertise Sought Nation-Wide

Two North East experts on enterprise yesterday travelled 200km to the other end of the country in order to speak at a South East England Development Agency (SEEDA) event to encourage young people to become more enterprising.


Siobhan Bales and Diane Gates from Newcastle-based communication agency The bgroup were invited to speak at the one-day 'Wake up to Enterprise' event in Reading, part of a series of national Flying Start Rallies being held across the UK commissioned by the National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship.

Siobhan and Diane are experts in enterprise as a result of having worked in the field for over four years with The bgroup. They regularly speak at Enterprise Centres at universities in the North East, and recently took part as Regional Marketing Experts in a YOMP workshop - an innovative new entrepreneurship teaching course.

"Encouraging enterprise in young people is really exciting" said Siobhan Bales. She added "Since we started working in the enterprise market four years ago, we've seen Enterprise Education really take off on the national scale. Its very rewarding to speak at events like the Flying Start Rally and meet the young people who are benefiting from the Enterprise Education agenda."

The Flying Start Rallies are part of a national campaign to inspire students to start up their own businesses. A selection of individuals from each rally will also be invited to undertake the Flying Start Programme, an intense course to help them become 'investment ready' and make their business ideas reality.

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