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Mark Ions, managing director of Exclusive Human Resources and Nicky Archibald, co-founder and director of Archibald & Dutch, were introduced by the club's managing director Caroline Theobald at a networking event and immediately spotted the potential for a partnership that would benefit the clients of both companies.

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<![CDATA[North East businesses get help to crack cybercrime ]> http://bdaily.info/news/professional-services/north-east-businesses-get-help-to-crack-cybercrime/ North East accountants are working with academics to to raise awareness of the dangers of cybercrime in the regional business community.

Business advisors RMT are holding a free business networking event on 26 November for small and medium sized businesses at Northumbria University which will include a seminar on Business Continuity and Risk Management.

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<![CDATA[Big opportunities for the deal market in 2009 ]> http://bdaily.info/news/professional-services/big-opportunities-for-the-deal-market-in-2009/ The deals market in the North East will remain strong in 2009, according to a regional firm of accountants.

According to Corpfin, part of the Experian Group, RMT was the most active dealmaker in the region for the last quarter (July to September). 204 deals have taken place throughout 2008 in the North East.

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<![CDATA[North East success story heads to M62 corridor ]> http://bdaily.info/news/professional-services/north-east-success-story-heads-to-m62-corridor/ A North East recruitment agency is exporting its successful formula southwards by setting up in Leeds and Manchester.

Altitude Recruitment has expanded outside its home area for the first time by opening new offices at the Round Foundry Media Centre in the Holbeck Urban Village in Leeds, and on Portland Street in Manchester.

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<![CDATA[Emma's call centre calling]> http://bdaily.info/news/professional-services/emmas-call-centre-calling/ A senior market segment manager for a global company has given up her jet set job to help local businesses find their perfect employees.

Emma Cordiner from Gateshead has spent the last 12 years working for Akzo-Nobel, the international paint company based in Gateshead. Her job has taken her all over the world including Vietnam, China and the USA. Now however, Emma has given up the jet set life to start her own business - a call centre recruitment company named after the Alaskan National Park, Denalli.

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<![CDATA[Sister Act for PR firm]> http://bdaily.info/news/professional-services/sister-act-for-pr-firm/ Family connections are at the fore as two PR professionals join forces for the launch of a new North East agency. Sisters Suzy and Anna Goulding have come together to launch Goulding Public Relations, based in Newcastle.

The pair, who have almost 20 years of industry experience between them, hope to attract clients looking for help and support with their communications covering anything from corporate and business to business PR to consumer PR, stakeholder communications and creative copywriting.

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