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In response to Recommendation 62 of The Fraud Review published in July 2006, the Attorney General appointed a working group to devise a plea negotiation framework for fraud cases. The fundamental proposal is that the parties conduct confidential negotiations and make a written agreement which includes a guilty plea, agreed facts and a recommended sentence which they will submit to the court.

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<![CDATA[Government announce Stamp Duty 'holiday' ]> http://bdaily.info/news/commercial-break/government-announce-stamp-duty-holiday-/ With Watson Burton LLP Law Firm

On 2 September 2008, The Treasury announced that there would be an exemption to Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) for land transactions involving purely residential property where the value is up to £175,000.

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<![CDATA[Restraint of trade and deliberately misleading employer ]> http://bdaily.info/news/commercial-break/restraint-of-trade-and-deliberately-misleading-employer-/ With Watson Burton LLP Law Firm

Restrictive covenants amount to a form of restraint of trade, and therefore they will only be upheld as enforceable by courts if they protect a legitimate business interest. However it is theoretically possible for valid restrictive covenants in a shareholder agreement to be wider than those in a contract of employment.

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<![CDATA[NEC3 and the Olympics]> http://bdaily.info/news/commercial-break/nec3-and-the-olympics/ With Watson Burton LLP Law Firm

The Beijing Olympics have now taken place and, before we know it, the London 2012 Olympics will be looming. Work is already underway in order for everything to be ready on time and Olympic sites are beginning to take shape. However, delays are inevitable. In fact (with 4 years to go) we are already hearing that building is not going according to plan; the Olympic Stadium is now due to be finished in April 2011 (2 months late) and the Aquatic Centre is now due for completion in August 2011 (4 months later than planned). Should any further delays be encountered it could prove disastrous.

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<![CDATA[Building Regulations - Extensions of Time]> http://bdaily.info/news/commercial-break/building-regulations--extensions-of-time/ With Watson Burton LLP Law Firm

On 10 March 2008 the Building (Amendment) Regulations 2008 (SI 2008/671) were made which come into force on 6 April 2008. This instrument amends the Building Regulations 2000 by extending the provisions of section 35A of the Building Act 1984.

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<![CDATA[A Darker Shade of Green?]> http://bdaily.info/news/commercial-break/a-darker-shade-of-green/ With Watson Burton LLP Law Firm

With emerging Government policies on environmental issues (notably the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, Part L Buildings Regulations and the Corporate Social Responsibility provisions of the Companies Act), the property industry is facing pressure to implement greener leases. However, at present, many property suppliers are reluctant to incur costs improving the efficiency of a building for the tenants to reap the benefits through lower bills. Equally, tenants are reluctant to fund energy efficiency and sustainability programmes when the payback period may not arise during the lease term. The development of Green Leases, which contain a clear framework of mutual responsibilities and obligations and incentives for landlords and tenants with regard to improving and measuring energy performance for a property, may help to overcome such obstacles.

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