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WITH a scruffy, weather-worn rucksack slung across her back and sporting short, spiky hair, Diane Gates was hardly the best turned out of the 70-odd respondents to an advert in the North East Jobs Appointments - an advert that, in itself, was a little unusual.

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<![CDATA[Female led agency clinches campaign to create more northern women entrepreneurs]> http://bdaily.info/news/enterprise-and-start-up/female-led-agency-clinches-campaign-to-create-more-northern-women-entrepreneurs/ Female owned creative agency The bgroup is to show other women just how it's done after landing the contract to promote women's enterprise across the North East, North West and Yorkshire from the government blueprint for regional economic growth, the Northern Way.

The Newcastle and London creative agency specialises in enterprise promotion and has to date created many high profile marketing campaigns to encourage business start up and growth including the campaign materials for national annual Enterprise Week 'Make your Mark' campaign for Enterprise Insight, 'Biz Idol' for Business Week Tyne and Wear and 'The Edge' competition for the South East England Development Agency.

Mon, 05 Mar 2007 00:00:00 GMT bgroup on bdaily.info http://bdaily.info/news/enterprise-and-start-up/female-led-agency-clinches-campaign-to-create-more-northern-women-entrepreneurs/#add-your-comments http://bdaily.info/feeds/bgroup.xml Enterprise and Start-up http://bdaily.info/news/enterprise-and-start-up/female-led-agency-clinches-campaign-to-create-more-northern-women-entrepreneurs/
<![CDATA[The bgroup makes its mark by going bananas]> http://bdaily.info/news/enterprise-and-start-up/the-bgroup-makes-its-mark-by-going-bananas/ A Newcastle-based creative agency is literally going bananas after winning first prize in a national competition designed to encourage an enterprising culture.

The bgroup – a growing agency that specialises in connecting with hard to reach audiences such as the youth and enterprise markets – is celebrating after beating off competiton from the UK's most inventive businesses to scoop the top prize in the National Make Your Mark Enterprise Challenge competition.

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<![CDATA[Dave proves valuable addition to web team]> http://bdaily.info/news/business/dave-proves-valuable-addition-to-web-team/ Experienced designer Dave Martin is the latest recruit to join fast-expanding creative agency The bgroup, making a 10-strong design and digital team dedicated to delivering innovative marketing and media campaigns to a UK-wide client base.

Dave, 24, left Solihull College in Birmingham armed with diplomas in graphic design and visual art and design, and has experience of a wide range of programming and digital design tools.

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<![CDATA[The bgroup appoints team of trend surfers]> http://bdaily.info/news/business/the-bgroup-appoints-team-of-trend-surfers/ The bgroup has appointed its very own crack team of international trend surfers to help it remain at the forefront of youth communications.

One trend surfer has been installed in each of the creative agency's three teams, focussing on digital, marketing and design developments in youth communications in their specialist fields.

Sun, 01 Oct 2006 23:00:00 GMT bgroup on bdaily.info http://bdaily.info/news/business/the-bgroup-appoints-team-of-trend-surfers/#add-your-comments http://bdaily.info/feeds/bgroup.xml Business http://bdaily.info/news/business/the-bgroup-appoints-team-of-trend-surfers/
<![CDATA[New digital news editor strengthens agency team]> http://bdaily.info/news/business/new-digital-news-editor-strengthens-agency-team/ Creative communications agency The bgroup continues its expansion drive with the appointment of Robert Perry as the new editor of the bdaily, the company's free interactive news publication that goes out to 7000 online subscribers across the region.

Knaresborough-born Robert graduated from Newcastle University with a degree in applied communications, followed by an MA in English Literature. He joins The bgroup from a Newcastle-based publishing company, bringing with him several years experience in publishing, production and media roles with organisations around the region. A keen musician, he also plays trombone in two local jazz bands in his spare time.

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<![CDATA[North stars head up internet news show]> http://bdaily.info/news/business/north-stars-head-up-internet-news-show/ A pioneering internet TV service has announced that two of the North East's biggest broadcasting names will anchor its weekly news roundup.

bdaily.tv has signed up ITV news reporter Kim Inglis and Sky Sports' Ingrid Hagemann. The service was launched last night at Codeworks Connect's Digital Media 360 conference in Newcastle.

Wed, 20 Sep 2006 23:00:00 GMT bgroup on bdaily.info http://bdaily.info/news/business/north-stars-head-up-internet-news-show/#add-your-comments http://bdaily.info/feeds/bgroup.xml Business http://bdaily.info/news/business/north-stars-head-up-internet-news-show/
<![CDATA[The bgroup flies the flag for entrepreneurship in Europe]> http://bdaily.info/news/business/the-bgroup-flies-the-flag-for-entrepreneurship-in-europe/ The bgroup's co-founder Siobhan Bales has been appointed as the UK's representative on an EU Commission forum aimed at boosting European entrepreneurship rates.

Siobhan will use her experience in youth and enterprise markets to advise the panel on innovative ways of using internet TV and other emerging technologies to encourage a greater spirit of entrepreneurship across Europe.

Mon, 14 Aug 2006 23:00:00 GMT bgroup on bdaily.info http://bdaily.info/news/business/the-bgroup-flies-the-flag-for-entrepreneurship-in-europe/#add-your-comments http://bdaily.info/feeds/bgroup.xml Business http://bdaily.info/news/business/the-bgroup-flies-the-flag-for-entrepreneurship-in-europe/
<![CDATA[SEEDA appoints The bgroup to inspire entrepreneurship in the South East]> http://bdaily.info/news/enterprise-and-start-up/seeda-appoints-the-bgroup-to-inspire-entrepreneurship-in-the-south-east/ The bgroup has fought off national competition against 12 other agencies to deliver a competition which brings principles behind TV programmes such as Dragons' Den and The Apprentice into South East classrooms. The agency, which recently opened a London office, was appointed by the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA) to deliver The Edge campaign to recruit nine school teams of 13-15 year olds from nine counties. The successful teams, who will be selected via a video audition process, will come together in Autumn 2006 to compete in five challenges designed to test and sharpen students' enterprise skills.

Each of the five challenges in The Edge will be testing and strengthening specific skills, including team working, problem solving, strategic thinking and leadership. The teams will be awarded points as they complete the challenges, with the most enterprising team at the end winning national recognition and top prizes for themselves and their school.

Fri, 14 Jul 2006 23:00:00 GMT bgroup on bdaily.info http://bdaily.info/news/enterprise-and-start-up/seeda-appoints-the-bgroup-to-inspire-entrepreneurship-in-the-south-east/#add-your-comments http://bdaily.info/feeds/bgroup.xml Enterprise and Start-up http://bdaily.info/news/enterprise-and-start-up/seeda-appoints-the-bgroup-to-inspire-entrepreneurship-in-the-south-east/
<![CDATA[Newcastle Quayside 'flash mobbed']> http://bdaily.info/news/enterprise-and-start-up/newcastle-quayside-flash-mobbed/ Around two hundred young people took part in a 'flash mob' on Newcastle's Quayside to kick-start a national campaign for Enterprise Week.

The group of young people aged between 18 and 30 were gathered by The bgroup in just 24 hours to take part in a mysterious photo shoot. The location of the shoot was kept a close secret until the night before, but at 9am the following day the "flash mobbers" got together, ran up and down steps near the Copthorne Hotel for 20 minutes and then vanished, much to the surprise of onlookers.

Wed, 01 Mar 2006 00:00:00 GMT bgroup on bdaily.info http://bdaily.info/news/enterprise-and-start-up/newcastle-quayside-flash-mobbed/#add-your-comments http://bdaily.info/feeds/bgroup.xml Enterprise and Start-up http://bdaily.info/news/enterprise-and-start-up/newcastle-quayside-flash-mobbed/
<![CDATA[bModule for Newcastle University]> http://bdaily.info/news/business/bmodule-for-newcastle-university/ The bgroup has developed its very own marketing module for the Marketing Department at Newcastle University.

The module, which will run over 10 weeks, will be based around a marketing campaign, researched, structured, and executed by students. The campaign will focus on the marketing of a youth or student-targeted product or service. Students will work in small groups for the duration of the module, which will culminate in a presentation and report detailing findings of the campaign.

Sun, 01 Jan 2006 00:00:00 GMT bgroup on bdaily.info http://bdaily.info/news/business/bmodule-for-newcastle-university/#add-your-comments http://bdaily.info/feeds/bgroup.xml Business http://bdaily.info/news/business/bmodule-for-newcastle-university/
<![CDATA[Internet TV service set to revolutionise North East news]> http://bdaily.info/news/business/internet-tv-service-set-to-revolutionise-north-east-news/ An innovative new way to receive business news online has been unveiled by creative agency The bgroup. Branded bdaily.tv, the weekly news round-up will be delivered over the internet, marketing a first for the North East region. As well as providing an overview of the week's top news stories, there are plans for the new service to feature profiles of local companies and interviews with business personalities from the North East.

The free internet TV service is a joint venture between creative agency The bgroup and film company twenty first century media and marks the latest addition to a suite of products that make up The bdaily business news service.

Thu, 07 Jul 2005 23:00:00 GMT bgroup on bdaily.info http://bdaily.info/news/business/internet-tv-service-set-to-revolutionise-north-east-news/#add-your-comments http://bdaily.info/feeds/bgroup.xml Business http://bdaily.info/news/business/internet-tv-service-set-to-revolutionise-north-east-news/