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Thousands of Thomas Cook's passengers were affected when the Spanish airline went into administration last week. However flyglobespan, which has reported 'record' load factors over the summer, said itwould offer some support.

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<![CDATA[Metro 'not being privatised' ]> http://bdaily.info/news/automotive-and-transport/metro-not-being-privatised--5291/ Trade Unions have been protesting this week against what they claim are plans to "privatise" the Tyne and Wear Metro. At the same time, transport operator Nexus denied it had any such plans.

Nexus invited businesses to St James's Park in Newcastle this week to discuss the Metro's future, and members of the RMT and other unions protested at the ground while the discussions were conducted on Tuesday.

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<![CDATA[Berwick: you can live there, but you can't work there]> http://bdaily.info/news/automotive-and-transport/berwick-you-can-live-there-but-you-cant-work-there/ The North East's frontier town has been hailed as a great place to live, but not a great place to work. Berwick upon Tweed has been the focus of research by Newcastle University's Centre for Rural Economy, which wanted to investigate the working habits of people living in England's most northerly town.

The daily commute of Berwick residents was the main focus of the study, as many of the town's inhabitants travel to Newcastle or Edinburgh to work.

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<![CDATA[Less road use in crunch time]> http://bdaily.info/news/automotive-and-transport/less-road-use-in-crunch-time/ Small businesses are cutting down on face-to-face meetings in a bid to reduce costs as a result of the credit crunch, according to a survey by Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

The company's small business thermometer suggests rising fuel costs are impacting on the amount of time businesses spend on the road.

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<![CDATA[Eastern airways nominated for best domestic airline award]> http://bdaily.info/news/automotive-and-transport/eastern-airways-nominated-for-best-domestic-airline-award/ UK regional airline, Eastern Airways, which flies from Newcastle International Airport, has been nominated for a travel industry award in the category "Best UK domestic airline for business".

The Buying Business Travel Diamond Awards 2009 represent the views of people such as company travel buyers, arrangers and travel agents.

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<![CDATA[Automotive conference gets agency backing]> http://bdaily.info/news/automotive-and-transport/automotive-conference-gets-agency-backing/ An international automotive conference is coming to the North East after receiving backing from the regional development agency.

The theme of the two day event, which will be held at the University of Sunderland's Tom Cowie Campus at St Peters, on 17 and 18 September, is 'Alternative Fuel Technologies for vehicles and transport systems.'

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