Meet the professionals- ipn connect business to business networking exhibition

Meet the Professionals

Come to our business to business exhibition.

Discover how we are creating inspiring business opportunities through collaboration within our membershipin the Private Sector, Public Sector and Third Sector.

Find out how we are changing the way business can be done successfully in the North East.

Find out how collaboration is making a real difference to winning new business.

Meet over 60 exhibitors who are eager to work with you in collaboration on new business projects. 

3 mini master classes rolling over 3 hours offering information and inspiration on how to help your business grow in difficult times

Find out how being a member of ipnconnect can help your business grow.

Thursday 6th October 2011

Federation Brewery The Lancastrian Conference and Banqueting Centre, Gateshead Newcastle NE11 9JR.

12 noon till 3pm.

Guest Speakers

Geoff Nicholson- “Developing a strong Stress IQ”

Geoff Nicholson is the founder of GN Coaching and the designer of Stress IQ. He is an expert in the field of stress and self-empowerment. We all want to improve our lives and achieve our ultimate potential but, for a lot of us, fear stops us from achieving that success. Fear and stress of life can freeze us in our tracks mostly because we lack the skills and strategies to take complete control of our lives.

In this master class Geoff will give you valuable information about how to create strong success foundations and a strong Stress IQ so you can have richer and deeper relationships, be a more effective communicator and live life with more passion and vitality. He will explain why creating a mental fit workforce can have massive positive impact on your businesses.

Lesley Hunter- “Who put you in charge”

Lesley, a former entrepreneur, successful business woman and master practitioner in Neuro-linguistic programming, will talk about what business leaders can learn from our four legged friends to become more effective in the workfoce. Lesley has 25 years experience as a professional trainer and presenter with particular interest in developing skills and behaviour in the public, private, voluntary and community sector, but it was the purchase of her German Shepherd Dog that transformed her approach to understanding behaviour and prompted the publication of her first book “Who put you in charge“. She will inspire you in an innovative way as to the real difference between management and leadership, how leadership should be measured, necessary patterns of behaviour and the three things leaders must do to be effective in a most inspiring and innovative way.

Juli Campey, Executive MBA Programme Director, Newcastle University Business School- “What Newcastle University Business School can do for you”

We will explain how our students can offer FREE support to local businesses in a range of formal and informal projects.

Explain how to recruit a graduate and the various options available for flexible working programmes.

Many businesses will find it enlightening to hear about the range of skills available from our students and how they can offer real benefits to the industry.

Event details

Venue Federation Brewery, The Lancastrian Conference and Banqueting Centre, Gateshead, NE11 9JR
Email info
Phone 0191 216 9178

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