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The bgroup gets to the heart of entrepreneurship

Date 13 Nov 2007

To celebrate this year's Enterprise Week, creative agency The bgroup has developed an interactive online diagram that uncovers just what lies beneath the skin of an entrepreneur.

The poster will be available free upon request and is also downloadable from It takes a tongue-in-cheek look at what characteristics help those who choose to start their own business. The diagram shows how qualities such as 'elbow grease' and 'plenty of guts' work together to produce a fully-functioning entrepreneur.

Diane Gates, Creative Director at The bgroup, said: "In dissecting the entrepreneurial body, we have discovered that your average entrepreneur is not all that different from anyone else - the qualities that make up a successful entrepreneur lie within us all. But it is those with the big idea and the desire to see it through all the twist and turns that succeed, bringing the innate qualities that we have identified to life."

Anyone who has ever traded on ebay, held a car boot sale, or even washed their neighbours' cars for a few quid, or interviewed their prospective employers as they were being interviewed has expressed an entrepreneurial spirit.

The bgroup's digital dissection is only one of the company's entrepreneurial activities. The creative agency has offices in Newcastle and London that specialise in communicating the enterprise message to diverse audiences.

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