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Majority believe entrepreneurs can be taught

Date 28 Aug 2007
Author The Editor

62 per cent of people in education believe that you can create entrepreneurs in the classroom, according to a new study. National awarding body NCFE carried out the survey, asking colleges, training providers and students throughout the UK if they thought that enterprise could be taught. The web poll at asked “Can you teach entrepreneurship?”, to which 62 per cent of respondents said yes.

David Grailey, Chief Executive at NCFE, said: "Enterprise is a hot topic in business, politics and education so it is important we develop the nation’s entrepreeurs via education. We are seeing a significant growth in the number of colleges, training providers and students taking these courses so it is important that they are delivered by staff and institutions who believe in them, and that students see them as beneficial."

However, a recent study by Barclays Local Business suggested that education was not the most important factor in business success. The Barclays poll found that only 46% of small business owners have a degree, and only 11% think a good education is crucial for business success.

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