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Film makers set to help graduates banish the Monday blues

Date 29 Oct 2007

Graduates attending the Entrepreneurs' Forum event ‘Learn to Love Mondays' in November will have the chance to check out enterprising career options across organisations from big businesses to a newly founded ground-breaking North East company producing a hard-hitting documentary about the HIV/AIDS pandemic in South Africa.

Cultural diversity specialists Blue Rain Productions who have signed up as an exhibitor at the one-day conference and graduate recruitment fair on Wednesday 7th November, which aims to inspire entrepreneurial activity through businesses and the North East graduate base, and has attracted high profile speakers such as Bob Geldof and Ben Way, one of the first dot com millionaires.

Blue Rain Productions was set-up by Northern business partners Simon Constable and Daniel Larson, and uses film and media to promote the diversity and multi-cultural nature of the North East, through its links with business and community groups here and further afield.

Film-maker Daniel is working closely with global aid agencies, and has interviewed leading scientists, celebrities and high profile figures and experts such as the co-discoverer of HIV/AIDS Dr. Robert C. Gallo, actor Sir Antony Sher, Archbishop Tutu and the late Dame Anita Roddick. His hope is that the documentary will highlight the plight of victims who are burdened by the economic effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic that is sweeping across Southern Africa. Discussions are underway to potentially preview the film at the Mexico AIDS summit next August, and to broadcast it in time for World AIDS Day in December 2008.

Simon Constable of Blue Rain Productions said: "With the scope of the projects we are involved in, there's no such thing as the Monday morning feeling here. We're absolutely passionate about what we do and hope the event will connect us with graduates looking for a career where they don't need to lose sight of the individual enterprise, enthusiasm and integrity they can bring to their work, whatever route they choose."

Kerry Willumsen, head of IT service management at RWE Systems UK, headline sponsor of the conference said: "I am delighted to be part of this event. I truly believe that as a corporate company we have a responsibility to sponsor smaller businesses and being part of Learn to Love Mondays is a fantastic way to do so. The event will be successful in identifying new talent but more importantly fits in with the ethos of giving graduates the opportunity to be part of a successful company.

"I have seen the success that graduates can bring to a team, a company and its customers, and we aim to create an environment where people have the freedom to make decisions or come up with new ideas so that they enjoy their job and look forward to coming into work every day - including Mondays."

For more information contact Victoria at the Entrepreneurs forum on 0870 850 2233 or register through the website

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