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Cool business for North East entrepreneurs

Date 14 May 2007
Author The Editor

Two of the region’s Erics have put redundancy behind them to launch an environmentally friendly cleaning company with very modern approach. Eric Moran and Eric Turpin worked in the engineering sector of an international tyre company before being made redundant last year. Their company CryoNorthern offers a cleaning solution which uses dry ice – solid carbon dioxide pellets – to clean surfaces and is reportedly quicker, more cost effective and also more environmentally friendly than traditional blast methods such as sand or grit.

Eric Turpin said: “Cryogenic cleaning is able to remove most stains and deposits including oil, rust and bacteria, making it ideal for a range of industries, from food services to engineering manufacturers. Given that this is a dry process, it is particularly beneficial for industries where moisture based cleaning methods cannot be used. “This is the latest and one of the most environmentally friendly cleaning methods around and we are delighted to be one of the few providers in the region.”

Willie Herdman, special projects manager at the North East Business and Innovation Centre, who helped the Erics start up the business, said: “Both Erics have overcome redundancy to take on a new challenge and with the right support and guidance, have both the passion and dedication to realise their business goals for CryoNorthern. We are committed to supporting companies like this, helping them to take positive steps to succeed and flourish within their business sector.”

For more information about the BIC visit CryoNorthern can be contacted on 0191 419 1973 or

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