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Business Link's new top dog campaign

Date 27 Sep 2007
Author The Editor

A skateboarding greyhound and a trampolinist are two of the stars of new advertising campaigns for the Business Link service which are designed to encourage enterprise in the region. The two campaigns, one aimed at new businesses starting up and the other focusing on helping existing businesses to grow, have been launched this week across the region.

Promoting the Business Link service available to potential and current entrepreneurs, the campaigns highlight the impartial service designed to help those trying to get their business off the ground and that aimed at ensuring established businesses stay competitive.

Director of Marketing, Jonathan Lamb, said: "The North East of England has incredible entrepreneurial potential and we are here to help ensure this potential is realised. Serious investment is being made in services to bolster the growth of enterprise and this will result in a significant impact on the economy. "There's never been a better time to launch a business when it comes to the support available to get it off the ground and ensure it not only survives but also grows and thrives.

"We know from research and experience that companies that seek external expertise and act upon it can achieve greater levels of success, productivity and profitability than those that go it alone. The Business Link service is incredibly powerful in helping customers to identify opportunities to get ahead and stay ahead of their competitors."

Business Link's team of brokers operate across the region in local access points and on a mobile basis. For further information about the Business Link service visit

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