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Date 18 Jan 2008

A new website offering free one-to-one mentoring for budding and existing entrepreneurs was launched yesterday. is an online mentoring community which allows users to share their experiences on a wide range of topics in a safe and anonymous environment.

The site allows business owners to locate mentors who have first-hand experience of the issues they need help with. Business owners can also register as a mentor themselves to help others and list their areas of expertise.

Founder MT Rainey said: "I was inspired by the idea of Web 2.0 and peer-to-peer communication to create something to do good and transform big areas of public service provision, such as careers advice, into something more scalable and fit for purpose. "I really believe that the knowledge and experience people carry around with them is a huge untapped resource, if eBay is about the stuff you've got locked up in the attic, then horsesmouth is about the stuff you've got locked up in your head and heart."

horsesmouth is currently partnering with a number of organisations which specialise in entrepreneurship, such as Everywoman and Make Your Mark, which will also offer mentors.

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