Monday 11 October 2004

North East Enterprise Skills Sought UK-Wide

The expertise in the field of enterprise of a leading communications agency in the North East has received UK-wide recognition with the securing of a major contract. Newcastle-based The bgroup has been engaged by East Midlands Development Agency (emda) to execute a region-wide campaign aimed at encouraging 16-25 year olds to think about enterprise - whether this be with a view to starting their own business or simply being a more enterprising employee.

For The bgroup, this challenge proved an irresistible one, and armed with the knowledge and experience that almost four years of working in this field has brought, they set forth in proving their skills were more than equal to the test.

Drawing on the team's own youthful insight as well as knowledge gained through high-impact campaigns they've executed for a range of clients - including the DTI-funded Shell Technology Enterprise Programme (STEP) and the highly successful Digital Industry Roadshow which ran across each of the region's universities encouraging student sign-up to CODEWORKS Connect - The bgroup created a number of inspirational campaign themes.

As a full-service communications agency, with six specialist divisions, The bgroup's skills were perfectly matched to take this campaign forward via a variety of media - from web and graphic design through to PR - all underpinned by a comprehensive marketing strategy to ensure that the message reaches as many people as possible.

The bgroup's creative director Diane Gates commented: "We are absolutely delighted to be chosen to work on this campaign. The experience we have amassed over the years, working with a variety of clients, has allowed us to establish a great reputation in this niche area. It is this reputation, backed by the quality of our work that is starting to open up opportunities for us all over the country. As a team, we can't wait to get stuck into this project".

The bgroup are certainly no strangers to getting involved at all stages of the task. In 2001 The bgroup were engaged to brand a new programme for Durham University's Foundation for SME Development - the enterprise exchange - and subsequently execute a campaign for its launch. One of the activities to maximise involvement in this new initiative was a guerrilla exercise which saw a giant yellow bird taking to the streets of Durham City distributing promotional literature - a stunt which certainly caught the attention of the local press!

The campaign for emda will coincide with the launch of Britain's first ever National Enterprise Week - from 15-21 November. This week is designed to encourage young people across the country to think entrepreneurially with the ultimate aim of creating a more dynamic enterprise culture nationally.

Diane continued: "The key to the East Midlands campaign is going to be getting a good mix of eye-catching and thought-provoking materials coupled with messages that will covert to real actions, real results and real changes in people's attitude towards enterprise. With the balance we have here between designers, copywriters and strategists, we're confident that we can throw all that in the pot and come up with something that's going to get the results that both ourselves and our client are looking for."

emda's head of marketing and communications, Louise O'Reilly, added: "We are really looking forward to working with The bgroup on this campaign and starting to look at how we can change young people's perceptions about their working lives."

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