Monday 11 October 2004

New York, Paris, Milan... NewcastleGateshead?

Geordie Chic is alive and kicking, according to a new survey conducted among young people living and working in the North East. Forget high street brands, only the likes of Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Paul Smith fit the bill for over half of 16-35 year olds surveyed in NewcastleGateshead. The research, conducted by SMS on behalf of destination marketing agency Newcastle Gateshead Initiative, surveyed over 300 young people in the run up to the city's 'Geordie Chic' showcase taking place in London between 22nd-23rd September.

The showcase brings to London the very best in Geordie fashion, design, writing and film supported by culture10, a programme of ideas, innovation, investment and promotion, designed to deliver a decade of world-class cultural events in NewcastleGateshead.

The events include the first showing of renowned fashion designer Scott Henshall's NewcastleGateshead Collection at London Fashion Week, a collection inspired by his experience of living and studying in this vibrant and cosmopolitan city.

Money No Object

A staggering 79% of young Geordie fashionistas regularly spend more than one third of their monthly salary on clothes, shoes and socialising. Looking good is obviously a must in this vibrant and cosmopolitan city, where chic restaurants, bars and even buildings are the norm.

Looking good and showing off are clearly major priorities for young Geordies. When asked how they would spend their last 100, 54% said they would spend it on clothes and shoes while 47% would spend it on going out on the town. New clothes and socialising are also top of the list when it comes to getting paid - for 45% of respondents, it is the first thing they do when that paycheque arrives. Looking this good takes time too - over half take at least 2 hours to get ready for a big night out.

Gucci rules!

20% of overall respondents named Gucci as their favourite designer label - in fact, local designer store Cruise Flannels sells more Gucci in its NewcastleGateshead branch than in any other of its stores in the UK. Dolce & Gabbana also proved a hit with 26-35 year olds, with 22% favouring the Italian design duo, while Paul Smith took 14% of the overall votes.

Making a statement is a must when wearing an outfit, according to the majority of respondents. And 54% would not consider wearing anything other than the latest fashion - who needs comfort and practicality?

Style Icons

Football remains a major influence with David Beckham scoring 31% of the votes. However, Brad Pitt 27% and Jude Law (21%) were also clear favourites with the men surveyed. Boho chic seems to have grabbed the imagination of most Geordie girls, with over half of respondents citing Sarah Jessica Parker or Kate Moss as their style icon.

What no coat?

The rumours are true - over half of young people in the region NEVER wear a coat when they go out on the town, regardless of the weather. After all, why go to all the trouble of dressing up if no-one can see your efforts?

Chic Bricks

NewcastleGateshead is renowned for its fabulous architecture as well as its well-dressed inhabitants. When asked to name their choice of chic building or landmark, 22% chose the Gateshead Millennium Bridge as their favourite, with the Tyne Bridge and BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art also strongly featured.

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