Wednesday 26 May 2004

The Langdale Challenge

Arthritis Research Campaign are organising a serious of exciting Challenge Weekends based in Kielder and the Lake District. These weekend challenges are all about having fun and encourages you to participate in activities that are designed to test your physical and mental strengths. It is open to any individual or group and if you raise a minimum of 300 sponsorship, it comes FREE! So why don't you get some of your work colleagues, friends, gym or drinking mates together and have a fun filled weekend in some wonderful surroundings!

Places are available for the following weekends during 2004:

Kielder: 7th-9th May & 2nd-4th July
Lakes: 14th-16th May, 9th-11th July & 10th-12th September

Fundraising is crucial to our Charity's overall objectives and it is only through support of our events that we can continue. We are a Charity whose whole philosophy is to channel funds raised into research of the many forms of arthritis, in fact 90p out of every 1 raised, goes into this vital research. We do not receive any government funding and are in fact the fourth largest medical charity in the UK! In the North East we are currently funding grants in excess of 7m.

Arthritis can affect anyone, even babies, and although it is a disease, which does not kill, it does take away any normal life for the sufferer.

To request an information leaflet, which gives you some idea of the locations and activities that you could be involved in - please contact Marion Bell on 01207 509976 or e-mail m.bell

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