Friday 14 May 2004

Mobile Stardom for the bteam

As announced in yesterday's bdaily, the directors of bmarketing yesterday took the bteam to a top hotel in Newcastle to present the business development strategy for the next five years. The biggest surprise to team was the announcement that bmarketing is to star in a brand new C4 one-off documentary celebrating eccentric British business people. C4 approached the bmarketing Directors when they heard about Si's and Di's innovative plans for developing a truly global communications agency - based on a model of development that has never before been known to British Industry. The documentary will track developments as the bteam, in its entirety, moves out of their smart offices in Newcastle's Charlotte Square; and move into a fleet of specially branded Camper vans. The fleet, to be known as 'bmobilia' will travel around the world providing innovative communications solutions to a range of global organisations, who have already signed up to this truly unique style of flexible business.

Each van will be fully equipped with top of the range computing and communication facilities, and will also boast first-rate wind and waterproof awnings, should extra capacity be required for any specific projects.

bmarketing directors, Si and Di, acknowledge that the move is an unusual one, but are optimistic about the future, saying: "Our approach to business has always been unique, and we have made some brave decisions in the past that have really helped to establish bmarketing's reputation for creativity in the North East. Our plan is now to extend this service around the globe - and we've both always really liked camping, so this seemed an excellent way to do it." Siobhan will return home twice a year to visit her young children, and Diane plans to pop home at Christmas to visit her kittens. The rest of the bteam won't be allowed holidays as they'll be living in a camper van and that should be good enough for anyone.

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