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Young and old mix well in workplace

Date 28 Sep 2007
Author The Editor

34% of older workers in the North East believe their younger colleagues teach them skills they previously did not have, according to new research. On the other hand, one third of younger workers believe older workers are more likely to work anti-social hours than colleagues their own age.

The findings of research from Jobcentre Plus come as the UK celebrates the first anniversary of the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006. Across the board in the North East, the results show that working in a mixed aged workforce is important for both older (69%) and younger (79%) workers with all recognising the benefits of working with people of mixed ages.

Lesley Strathie, Chief Executive, Jobcentre Plus commented: "The research shows that having the right balance of age and skills can bring numerous benefits to establishing a complete workforce for both employers and employees. Both older and younger workers appreciate and learn from the qualities each brings to the workplace. It's not always easy to get the mix right, which is why Jobcentre Plus advisers work closely with employers and candidates to match the right opportunities with the right people."

The research shows that the quality younger workers in the North East think their older colleagues bring is experience (100%) whilst reliability (74%) and knowledge (100%) also featured highly. Nearly two thirds of older workers are impressed by their younger co-workers ability to learn quickly, be flexible (53%) and give them energy (50%).

In the North East, contrary to overall national trends, over 10% of younger workers think their older colleagues are full of ideas, whilst older workers think younger co-workers are more likely to provide a good perspective.

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  3. Young and old mix well

    Darren Watkins 8:30 28 Sep 2007

    Did the survey also ask how many young people were sick of being asked how to print things, how the latest photocopier works and how to turn on a computer!?

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