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Workers stress before holidays

Date 19 Jun 2007

More than half of employees feel stressed and anxious about their workload in the run-up to taking a holiday, according to a new report. The positive effects of having a break only last for three days for most people because they are worried about work, a survey of office staff has shown.

Recruitment firm Office Angels said its study showed the importance of preparing for a holiday by briefing colleagues to cover for any outstanding work. Three out of four of those polled said they kept their mobile phones on during a holiday as a "lifeline" to the office. One in seven admitted to being glad at returning to work and around 10% said they only took holidays a year apart. Longer breaks were best for relaxing, according to the survey.

David Clubb, Office Angels Managing Director, said: "To make the most of your break, think of it as a meeting – the better prepared you are, the better the outcome. Put aside plenty of time before your last day in the office to brief colleagues on any outstanding work or potential problems they will need to know about while you are away and you will be much more likely to enjoy a relaxing time."

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