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UK workers happier than expected

Date 10 Sep 2007
Author The Editor

Contrary to popular belief nearly three quarters of us enjoy our work, according to a new study. Having said that, even though pragmatic British workers like their jobs, more than half would like to change their career.

Around 71% of those quizzed said they liked their job, with 16% claiming they were indifferent to it, while just 12% said they hated it, according to Birmingham Midshires. Lawyers, journalists and beauticians are most likely to be happy with their job, while call centre workers, car mechanics and factory workers are the least likely to be satisfied.

But despite the fact that the majority of people enjoy their job, 52% said they would like to change career, with top choices for new jobs including IT, teaching, photography and psychology. The main thing holding people back is that they cannot afford to give up their current job to re-train and a fear that their salary will be cut. A quarter of people are worried about increasing their financial strain on themselves and their family, while 19% are concerned they would not be able to meet their mortgage repayments.

Tim Hague of Birmingham Midshires said: "We spend a huge proportion of our lives at work - around 1,920 hours a year - and our findings act as a positive reinforcement that most people are content in their current job."

People in the Midlands are most unhappy with their jobs, while those in central Scotland are most likely to want a career change - the Welsh seem most content with what they have.

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