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Tees Valley leads the way for clean power

Date 9 Nov 2006

The North East will soon be home to the Uk’s first ‘clean’ coal power station, if plans for development on Teesside go ahead. British Gas owner Centrica plc has acquired an option to participate in a project that would enhance the region’s reputation as a centre for the development of new and cleaner technology. The firm has paid £7.15 million for an 85% interest in development company Coastal Energy Limited, which will now seek full consents for the right to construct a new clean coal power station on Teesside.

Dr Dermot Roddy, the Chief Executive of Renew Tees Valley, said: “This is the biggest and most important development since we were established three and a half years ago. Built at a cost of around one billion pounds the new power station will provide us with a carbon-free source of hydrogen at low cost, and will go towards meeting our hydrogen economy ambitions.”

The planned power station will create vast quantities of hydrogen as part of its processes. Renew Tees Valley say that the region is particularly suited to the move towards the ‘hydrogen economy’ as it is already home to the largest hydrogen system in the UK.

Dr Roddy added: “To use coal to generate electricity and hydrogen without impacting on climate change is a world first. It also fits in with the pioneering work we are carrying out with the Chinese to help them develop their clean coal technology linked to enhanced oil recovery.”

The plant will take two years to design before construction work starts creating up to 500 jobs, with 50 workers required when the plant is operational.

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